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My Book looks at the Conservative policies and how they have kept the promised made as well as their impact on America over the past 35 years. BROKEN PROMISES OF THE CONSERVATIVES is intended to help the reader understand the conservative ideology and look at how their promises have been kept.

Our country is faced with a series of very serious issues that require solutions. Our huge budget deficit, tax reform, immigration, background checks to purchase guns, funding shortfall of Social Security and Medicare, rebuilding of our infrastructure, educating our children and the creation of living wage jobs to mention a few. This book will help the reader look at the conservative approach to these issues and document how they have dealt with each of them.

The sources that have been used are primarily official United States Government Agencies such as the Department of the Treasury Bureau of Public Debt, the CBO, OMB, the Department of Labor and various historical records of the United States Government. In addition, studies from Harvard, Brown Universities and The Brookings Institute have been cited.

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