During the 2016 Election cycle we hear from all the Republicans that we need candidates that support Conservative ideas and policies. The question is do the majority of Americans WANT the solutions Conservatives have for our most pressing issues. Let’s take a look at the Conservative plans for some of our biggest issues:

Conservatives oppose asking the wealthy to pay higher taxes to support the needs of our country?
74% think people, making over $250,000 per year, should pay more in taxes per CBS/NYT Poll.

67% favor increased taxes on the wealthy per USA Today/Gallup poll. Conservatives oppose this idea.
The Conservative plan to privatize Social Security has almost NO support.

Conservatives favor changing Medicare to provide Vouchers and have seniors buy medical coverage.
34% of Americans support this Conservative idea of Medicare per the Pew Research Center.

The National Debt is one of the most serious problems faced by our country. The National Debt stands at almost $19 Trillion Dollars. Each of the four top candidates has a plan they claim will balance the budget. Governor John Kasich has not released enough details for his plan to evaluate it. The non-partisan Tax Foundation evaluated each of the plans with the following impact on the National Debt over the next ten years:

  • Secretary Clinton – Reduce the National Debt by $498 Billion
  • Senator Cruz – Increase the National Debt by $3.666 Trillion Dollars
  • Senator Sanders – Reduce the National Debt by $191 Billion
  • Donald Trump – Increase the National Debt by $11.890 Trillion Dollars

Why should voters elect conservatives when their policies are rejected by the vast majority of the American People and would increase the National Debt another 4-12 Trillion Dollars? As a citizen of the United States of America, do our country a great honor by choosing intelligently this US Presidential Election.

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