There is no argument that the most essential job of any President is the protection of the United States. Our Constitution gives command of our military to the President while giving the Congress the authority to Declare War. On August 6th, 1945 going to war became far more centralized in the hands of the President. That was the day we dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan. Today the single most awesome responsibility of ANY President is the release of nuclear weapons. Upon that choice rests not only the future of the United States, but the entire planet Earth. Last night cable news had a special about that Presidential responsibility. It outlined the basic unclassified facts such as the “Football” that is carried by a military officer who is never more than a few steps from the President. It contains the instructions and options available for the employment of our nuclear arsenal. The second element is a thing called the “Biscuit”. This is something that the President has on his person all the times and enables the authentication of the order to release our nuclear weapons. The article last night emphasized the unbelievable gravity of this choice and the fact that a President would have as little as 6 minutes to decide what to do.

In the Mid 1960’s I was assigned as a Nuclear Weapons Officer in an Artillery unit with Nuclear Weapons and was responsible for an identical “Biscuit” that at that time was carried by the President. I was part of a two person team of a chain that began with the President and ended with the two of us to authenticate the release of the Nuclear weapons from my unit. That system is called “Permissive Action Link”, PAL. Had we gone to nuclear war during that time, I and my team member would have been the last people to release the weapons assigned to my unit. The story last night took me back to that time in my life when I was involved with this system and reminded me of the awesome responsibility invested in our President.

This article pointed out the VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS do not trust Donald Trump with the responsibility to control our Nuclear Weapons. In addition, a growing number of our top officials and military leaders do not believe Mr. Trump should have that authority. This element is very different from any policy difference that may exist. This is the ONE Presidential responsibility that has the real possibility to END everything, including our families, our country, our possessions and in fact our very existence. For any Political Party or any American who believes Donald Trump should not be given the responsibility to control our Nuclear Arsenal, they must NEVER vote to make him President. There can be a dislike of Hillary Clinton and some of her ideas and past actions, but that does not compare with the responsibility of controlling our Nuclear weapons and the consequences of that decision. For anyone that does not trust Donald Trump with the control of our Nuclear Weapons, they would be IRRESPONSIBLE to select him as President and give him that power!

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