In this US Presidential Election candidates are expected to lay their platform to the public, these should be a platform that are designed intelligently to address the needs and problems of the nation. However, Donald Trump’s ideology of solving the nation’s needs is neither in the rightful mind. He has promised Americans in his campaign that he will:

  • Rebuild our military
  • Take care of our Vets
  • Keep the promises made under Social Security
  • Rebuild our infrastructure

At the same time he has said he will cut taxes more drastically than ever before. Independent analysis of his tax cut shows that his plan will reduce the money coming into the U.S. Treasury by just short of a Trillion Dollars per year. This will surely result to problems and financial dysfunction in for our nation and its people. At the present time we are spending about $500 Billion Dollars MORE than we receive from the current tax rates. Trump has decided this thing based on how he thinks he will please the people for their votes, but he is not thinking what are the RIGHT THINGS to be done. He’s like a celebrity that will do anything that the public want just to please them and this personality will do no good for our governance.

  • Estimates of the amount needed to rebuild our military is about $150 Billion per year.
  • The VA may need another $75 Billion per year to properly care for our brave Veterans.
  • Estimates to fully fund Social Security is $150 Billion more per year.
  • At $300 Billion per year to rebuild the $4 Trillion Dollars of Infrastructure would take us 15 years.

His four promises above would require an increase in tax revenue each year of $675 Billion. If we also want to STOP adding to the National Debt we need another $500 Billion. That is a total of $1.175 Trillion Dollars per year. These facts and data won’t support his claim to cut taxes.

Donald Trump simply cannot keep ANY of the promises he made above given he has proposed tax cuts! I guess that is why FOUR of his businesses have gone into Bankruptcy. The United States of America would be the Fifth and Crown Jewel of his Bankruptcies if his tax plan were implemented!

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