The position of both Donald Trump and now Ted Cruz to go into American Moslem communities and have the police watch them is exactly the wrong approach to effectively fight and ultimately destroying ISIS. Every U.S. Military and Security expert agrees that will play into the hands of ISIS who wants to draw America and the western world into a second Crusade that would envelope then the entire world.

In addition to being the wrong way to deal with the radical Islamic elements such as ISIS, it turns our back on the most fundamental principles America was founded upon. Our country is one of welcome and integrating the differing elements and peoples into ONE country. What Trump and Cruz are saying is to DIVIDE and that violates everything that has made the United States of America great.

Every US Presidential Candidates should think of the RIGHT measures and RIGHT plans to deal with terrorism and the terrorists.

We must enlist the vast majority of the non-radical Moslems and have them join the reminder of the world to destroy ISIS and any other movement with similar views. We must deny them a place to operate from and cut off all their money and other resources they need to conduct terrorist attacks like Paris and Brussels. We must enhance our intelligence operations and be willing to share that knowledge with others that are willing to fight this ideology of death and destruction. We must be willing to lead others with military actions to destroy any places where ISIS or movements like they operate from throughout the world.

We must reject ANY potential leaders of our country with an approach that plays into the hands of the Terrorists and ignores our most fundamental principles! This 2016 US Election is your chance to exercise this right, choose wisely.

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