On the latest news Donald Trump said we should borrow even more to rebuild the infrastructure and then, “Ask Creditors to take less than what they were owed”. In other words Trump is suggesting the United States DEFAULT on the National Debt!

It is hard to believe that anyone would whisper such thing, much less actually talk about that as a possibility. The impact of such action on the part of the United States would bring immediate financial repercussions in our country. This will also affect and transcend all over the world since Dollar is the standard for almost all commerce and financial transactions. It would drive interest rate to the sky and cause worldwide panic. We can only imagine what will happen and how this policy will affect our entire nation and the whole world itself, it should and must be stopped. It would make it impossible to borrow money and would cause bank failures that would make 1933 look like a Tea Party!

This would be another policy catastrophe the same when George W. Bush ordered to invade Iraq. This attacked has brought us todays terrorism nightmare which are the ISIS. As voters we should be educated by now about the consequences of choosing a poor president and by then, we should know that Donald Trump is not the answer to our country’s problems and to its citizens’ woes. The way he “try” to solve our current situation is oblivious to the right reforms and policies.

No one with such ideas should EVER be near nor given the Oval Office. It is hard to believe that this man has duped so many US Republicans voters to become the GOP Presidential Candidate! Our patriotism should be largely involved in this matter, we should not trade our country’s welfare to such hands. This is the time to put on our full armor as citizens of America when we choose our leaders this upcoming election. I’ll leave you with this challenge, BE PART OF THE SOLUTION THAT YOU WANTED TO HAVE FOR OUR COUNTRY! With all my prayers, God bless America!

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