On December 17, 2014 President Obama announced a change to our 50 year old policy toward Cuba with his decision to restore full diplomatic relations between the two countries. The lack of a stable US-Cuban relationship undermined other U.S. hemispheric priorities.

The new policy President Obama announced in December 2014 changed the way the US looked at Cuba. It was no longer viewed as a security threat to the U.S., but rather a small country 90 miles from Miami that was approaching transition. For one thing the Castro Brothers are aging and the attitudes of the Cuban People toward Americans are very positive.

The arrival in Cuba of President Obama and First Lady Michel Obama on March 20, 2016 was the first such visit in 90 years. CEO’s from Xerox and Marriott accompanied the President and U.S. Airlines is about ready to resume regular flights between the U.S. and Cuba. There are some 110 flights to begin between our two countries. The opportunities for American business opportunities are huge from President Obama’s new policy toward Cuba. That will make it impossible for the Republicans, who have vowed to reverse our new policy toward Cuba, to do that should they win the White House. For me, I cannot wait to see us import all the 1950’s American cars that are in Cuba.

The position of the US Republicans is to continue to follow a policy that has failed to change Cuba for over 50 years. That however does not deter the Republicans who do the same things over and over again and claim we will get a different result. It is just another example of the Republicans opposing anything President Obama proposes.

Our change in the policy toward Cuba may be one of President Obama’s most important legacies and benefit the American People, American Business and the Cuban people. May this kind of policy be continuous for our next leader, the decision is in your hands as you choose from our US Presidential Candidates, VOTE WISELY.

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