With all the 2016 Election news, we have all listened to the unending stream of reasons why voters should support or not support Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We hear sound bites, twitts and so called facts that are Lies, Distortions and are misleading voters in the 2016 Election. For the most part, the perceptions held by many Americans today are not founded on truth, history or reality.

On July 28th CNN interviewed a man by the name of Tony Schwartz. He was employed by Donald Trump as the Ghost Writer for his book, “The Art of the Deal”. Every Voter should listen to this interview with Mr. Schwartz because he has a knowledge of Donald Trump that 99.9% of us simply do not poses.

During the time Mr. Schwartz was employed by Donald Trump he realized that Mr. Trump was a liar. He documented this fact in his personal journal and today admits that he made a mistake helping Mr. Trump spread his lies to others. However Mr. Schwartz says that he did it for the money. He was asked in this interview if all Politicians lie and he admitted, they certainly do. However, he said the lies told by Donald Trump were continual and overwhelming. This was confirmed by PolitiFact when they analyzed the statements of the Presidential Candidates. Their analysis showed that 76% of the time the statements made by Donald Trump were FALSE. They gave him the “2015 Lier of the Year Award”.

Mr. Schwartz went on to provide a second reason why Trump should never be elected President. He said Trump will say anything without thinking.  Mr. Schwartz went on to say, Hillary Clinton will think, ask advice and develop a course of action based of sound judgment and the information available. Mr. Schwartz said, Donald Trump is a DANGEROUS LIAR and should never be entrusted with the most powerful position on Earth – President of the United States of America.


Perspective like this from someone who worked closely for Donald Trump should not be ignored by the American Voters. As citizens of the United States, we should stand our ground and let our “mattered” opinions be heard through our rightful vote for Hilary Clinton.

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