“This is the book that US voters should read before they decide who to vote for this November 2016.”

Broken Promises
of the

Gene P. Abel

I always followed politics pretty carefully. I’ve looked at
some of the issues that we are faced with as a country
and I’ve considered the policies that we’ve been following
from the conservatives and I wanna take a look at how
these policies are squared up with the reality. I want to bring
out what I have to say in a concise manner especially
on the perspective of the political ideology of the
conservatives that are more potent today.


Book Reviews

It is well worth reading, particularly during this contentious election cycle.

Clarion Review

A sincere attempt to deconstruct conservatism. Using figures from government agencies, he forcefully debunks the Reagan-esque theory that cutting taxes for the rich stimulates economic growth and creates a new wealth that, to the supposed benefit of all, trickles down.

Kirkus Review

Broken Promises of the Conservatives is full of thought-provoking and piquing ideas. The passion with which Abel writes may earn interest from even those whose notions he critiques.

Clarion Review

The Author

Gene P. Abel

Brings a successful and diverse educational and professional background to his factual analysis of the conservative policies. He graduated as a Distinguished Military Graduate from Penn State and spent 5 years on active duty as a Regular Army Office and 25 years as an Army Reserve Officer. Mr. Abel retired as a Colonel in 1993 from then on; he started his passion and love for justice and equality grounded in his ideals of democracy and fairness.

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